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Trigger workflow based on update of variable in another workflow action

Question asked by tachi on Jan 27, 2015
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I have a rather complicated scenario.


I have a workflow with a Request Data action, the action has several tasks that staff must update with "Doing", "Complete" etc, they can continually update these tasks by clicking update which allows them to close and re-open to task before clicking the "Complete Task" button.


When task 1 is updated to Complete. I want to be able to trigger another workflow to run or somehow run more actions on the first workflow (while the Request Data action has yet to be completed)


Is there anyway I can access the task 1 variable in the second workflow?


As only the task/data has been updated and the Request Data action is not completed, I can't find a way to do anymore processing. So if I could at least access that variable and have another workflow run when the variable = Complete then I could get more processing done on the form.


Id would prefer not to split task 1 off into its own Request Data action as then 2 emails would be sent to this team regarding the same form.