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Need workflow which automatically sends an email to a specified person on a set number of days before a monthly meeting.

Question asked by stephenedger on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by kmccool

I have created a simple calendar in Sharepoint. This calendar contains a meeting event on a set date of every month of the year e.g. 12 Jan, 11 Feb etc.

I want Sharepoint to generate an automatic email to a named person (actually several named people, but one will suffice for now), requesting they email me some commentray. The email needs to be sent 15 days before the next meeting is scheduled, and I also want the email to contain a deadline which is 8 days before the next meeting (i.e. the recipient will have 1 week to send me their commentary).

As a naive beginner to Sharepoint and Nintex Workflow 2010, I am unsure how to build the necessary workflow to do this.

Please help.