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Nintex Workflow Backup and Restore (out-of-place restore)

Question asked by venkatmanne on Jan 22, 2015
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Our business requirement is to move existing site collection to move to a new site url (we are maintaining separate content  DB for each site collection)


Full Fidelity backup and restore method (SQL Database backups of SharePoint content DB and Nintex Workflow DB)

the SQL Backup of SharePoint content DB does not allow us to restore the site collection to new url (restores to the original site collection url)


Site Collection Backup/Restore Method (Out-of-place Restore)

Restoring SharePoint site collection via the power shell backup/restore command, limits us from restoring current running workflows, scheduled workflows, pending tasks. The reason is that the workflow instance data references the site collection id in which it is started. After restoring the site collection, the id changes and when the instance data loads and uses the stored ID, it fails.


Steps we took to restore Nintex Workflow associations

  • Restored the Nintex workflow database mapped to associated SharePoint content on SQL server.
  • Restored the site collection via power shell command, which creates a new site collection id.
  • Updated the Nintex Workflow DB tables with new site collection id in the tables ([EventReceivers], [PublishedWorkflows], [Storage] , [WorkflowInstance], [WorkflowSchedule] ).
  • In central Admin, Nintex Workflow Management -> database setup -> added the attached Nintex workflow DB that has been restored on SQL Server.
  • Site ids matches and the all the running workflows, scheduled workflows and pending tasks are recovered successfully.


Does Nintex Support this approach of tinkering with the Nintex workflow database ? Is there any other way to restore the workflow associations after restoring site collection using Out-of-place Restore method. Please suggest.