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I need to upgrade a SharePoint 2010 intranet which has Nintex installed to SharePoint 2013. Do you need to update Nintex as well or can you move the existing version?

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2015
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I know about Nintex but I have never had the chance to use it before so would appreciate any assistance you could offer.


I need to migrate a SharePoint 2010 farm to SharePoint 2013. While I am comfortable with the SharePoint element the Nintex side of things is a little unknown. I have found some notes on how to upgrade Nintex to 2013 as part of upgrading SharePoint, see link below, but I wasn't sure if this was required or if there was a facility to run Nintex 2010 in a SharePoint 2013 farm?


Any advice or suggestions would be great.


Upgrading Nintex Workflow 2010 to 2013