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Enumerate users in a SharePoint Group

Question asked by waryoldguy on Jan 21, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by burkslm

Out site collection template includes numerous SharePoint groups defining project roles, most of which are empty to start, which are tied to Nintex workflows (Nintex Workflow 2013.) We do this for the fairly obvious reason that we do not know who will be in these groups until the project is set up and the site collection is provisioned.


The workflows typically assign tasks to the group, which does not allow our users to filter the task lists for [My] to get a list of what they need to act on. I would like to enumerate the user(s) in the groups and assign the tasks directly to those users. I was hoping to use for-each operator, but it works on a collection, not a "group".


Has anyone accomplished this, or should I classify it under recreational impossibility?