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Create a list entry where the CreatedBy is a different account

Question asked by rhencullen on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by bhutim

This might seem link an odd request,  and it's possibly a very tall order, but is it possible for a Nintex workflow to create an entry in a list, where the Createdby field is the account of a different sharepoint user which is somehow stored in a variable ?


I've been asked to create a mechanism where someone can email into the SharePoint system using a variety of keywords in the email, and have the system parse the email, and then create an entry in a sharepoint list, where the contents of various fields in the list is parsed from the email, and the list entry has a "created by" fiels that is holds the sharepoint account details of the person that sent the original email.


I'm not sure if there are other (better) ways of achieving this (I'm a fairly novidce SharePoint developer, and only have access to a SharePoint system via Javascript / JQuery calls into the SP Services API (and to Nintex).


Any help would be appreciated.