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E-Mail Alerts: People get more than one E-Mail

Question asked by arippert on Jan 18, 2015
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I have got a SharePoint library in which documents are updates on an irregular time schedule.

I now want people to get notified when a document is updated.

The peopel that should be notified are members of a SharePoint (security) group. I could not see how to use the SharePoint alerts with SharePointz groups. Therefore i created a small Nintex workflow that uses the 'send notification' action to send an e- mail to the people that are members of a certain SharePoint group. I set the workflow to always start when new files are added or files are changed.


This works exept for one little problem: Some people get more than one e-mail.


I guess that it is because of the following:

In the SharePoint group I added individual users and I also added ActiveDirectory groups. Some of those groups are nestet that means that they contain other ActiveDirectory groups. I think that those users might be in more than one of those groups and therefore get the e-mail more than once.


Is there a way to prevent people from getting more than one e-mail?