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Pre-populate a people picker field with the current user's manager's name

Question asked by suolon on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by tposzytek

I found this link and have followed it on a form that have created using Nintex:


Nintex Forms: Automatically populating the new people picker control - Wow, So SharePoint, Much information


But for some reason it's not populating the field at all.


Any idea why this isn't working?  I got this working before implementing Nintex (but not sure how I can incorporate this into Nintex Form, by using the following code:


<script src="//"></script>

<script src="/siteassets/scripts/sputility.min.js"></script>


// wait for the window to load

$(window).load(function () {

     var userid = _spPageContextInfo.userId;


function GetUserLogin() {

var requestUri = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/GetMyProperties/";

var requestHeaders = { "accept" : "application/json;odata=verbose" };



  url : requestUri,

  contentType : "application/json;odata=verbose",

  headers : requestHeaders,

  success : QuerySuccess,

  error : QueryError




function QuerySuccess(data, request){

  var loginName = data.d.DisplayName;

        var myManager = data.d.UserProfileProperties.results[15].Value;

  //$("div[title='Employee Name']").val(loginName);

  SetAndResolvePeoplePicker("Employee Name",loginName);

  SetAndResolvePeoplePicker("Approval Manager",myManager);




function QueryError(error) {




function SetAndResolvePeoplePicker(fieldName, userAccountName) {

        var controlName = fieldName;

        var peoplePickerDiv = $("[id$='ClientPeoplePicker'][title='" + controlName + "']");

        var peoplePickerEditor = peoplePickerDiv.find("[title='" + controlName + "']");

        var spPeoplePicker = SPClientPeoplePicker.SPClientPeoplePickerDict[peoplePickerDiv[0].id];