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Workflow task with an Approval or Disapproval link

Question asked by xav-fabre on Jan 16, 2015
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Hi everybody,


i'm wondering if it's possible to directly approve or disapprove a task with an "activation link". I'm using LazyApproval and the possibility to approve or disapprove just by sending an email (which is actually great).


But in my case i like to allow user to do do it with a link, i see two differents ways to do that :


     - direct send an email like the lazyapproval function does, is it possible to approve a task just by sending an email and not responding to the lazyapproval notification (specific email format ...) in order to do my own solution ..?

     - open a browser with a specific link which approves or disapproves the task (we use SSO so the user will be directly logged), it will be an "activation link"


Thanks for your help, i let you know if i find a solution !