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Leading zeros in Nintex form calculated field

Question asked by deefken on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by sverem



I'm trying to generate an unique ID inside Nintex forms using a calculated field. This number should be the current date with the item ID at the end.


I'm trying to generate this into a calculated field and display it on the form. With some runtime functions, getting the current date and put it in a specific format is not a problem. Adding the item ID at the end is easy too, but I want to have the ID with some leading zeros in front. Is there a function to achieve this?


This is what I already have: formatDate({Common:CurrentDate}, 'yyyyMMdd') + {ItemProperty:ID}


There should be a function like format({ItemProperty:ID}, '000000') but this doesn't work.


Any suggestions on this? By the way, this is in Nintex Forms Office 365.


Thanks in advance!