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Document Sent By Flexi Task Does Not Show Workflow Task Ribbon in Word.

Question asked by pcastro on Jan 14, 2015
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I have a question about the "WORKFLOW TASK Request approval 'Open this task...'" button that is supposed to appear when a Word document associated with a workflow task is opened. I realized that the button was only appearing on documents from one workflow and not the other. The working workflow was set up with a 'Review' task and the second, defective, workflow was set up with a 'Flexi Task'. After replacing the second workflow with the first to rule out any site permissions issues, I began substituting Nintex items within the workflow. I came to find that a document sent through the Approval or Review items opens with the Open this task ribbon but a document sent through the Flexi Task does not. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Are there any fixes out there? Thanks in advance!