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Nintex Forms and JavaScript basics

Question asked by davidbeayon on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by sharon_tamang

This should really be a no brainer, yet I am struggling to get simple JavaScript to work.

With Nintex O365 Forms, I can issue the following line in the Form Settings -> Custom JavaScript



Nothing else at all in the Custom JavaScript Box.  When I fire up the preview, then I am prompted with the alert just fine.


What I want to accomplish is to set a Dropdown list to default to the first item in the list, with ID = 1.  I have the advanced settings to the dropdown list as follows:


So in the Custom JavaScript Box I have the following:

After Saving and previewing, I do not get any results, not even the alert window.


This is what I currently have in the Forms Custom JavaScript Includes:



What am I missing?