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Office 365 SharePoint Online: SharePoint List Item Level Custom Permission

Question asked by swethasan on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by westerdaled

Need to setup the list item so that;

a) Only initiators can read/edit their item

b) Approver group should be able to read/edit their item.


This is great for the initiator of the item.

How do we enable a SharePoint Group say "List Item Approvers" Group to be able to View all and Edit all items?

New to Nintex Workflow but, I have obtained the desired result by using Impersonation Step in SharePoint Designer(2010) workflow with other lists.

Would like to know if there is a similar action/step in Nintex Workflow Designer. If not, what is the recommended method to setup this level of permission in list item using Nintex Workflow for Office 365.