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Assigning Flexi Task to Workflow Variable

Question asked by khusani on Jan 11, 2015
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I am creating a purchase requisition workflow for a group of companies. on some stage, a CFO must approve the request based on the initator's company, so what I am actually doing is as follows:

  1. created a Workflow Variable called "CFO Group Name" of type single line of text.
  2. added a few conditions (if statements) within the workflow before creating the assign flexi task. these conditions will check for the initiator's company.
  3. for example, if the initiator's company is X, then assign set the variable "CFO Group Name" to "Company X CFO".
  4. if company is Y, then set the variable to "Company Y CFO".
  5. if company is Z, then set the variable to "Company Z CFO".
  6. created a flexi task and set the assignee field to the "CFO Group Name" variable.


NOTE: Company X CFO, Y, and Z are group names already been created in sharepoint with users defined inside them.


the problem that I'm facing is the workflow is accepting company X CFO and company Y CFO but not accepting company Z CFO. the error message received is: Failed to send notification. Cannot get the full name or e-mail address of user Company Z CFO.


Please help.