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Send data back from a popup to a Nintex Form in o365

Question asked by wim on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by barrykoo

Hi all,


I'm having trouble with sending data back to a Nintex from.


I have created a link on my Nintex Form where I open another page in a popup (new window). So far so good.

After I have opened the new popup window I want to send data back to the Nintex form via javascript.

However when I try to connect back to the Nintex Form I receive the error message "Permission denied"


This because the Nintex form is opened from the domain and my SP site is shown inside an iframe. My Nintex form is ofcourse not hosted on the domain ""

I receive this error because cross domain scripting is not allowed and since I'm using o365 there is no way to allow cross domain scripting.


A simple javascript alert is already giving me this error:



All I need to do is send some data back from my popup form to fields on the Nintex Form. I have no alternative but using a popup window to gather info.

By the way, this popup page is also hosted inside my o365 environment (same site)


Any suggestions on how I can achieve this while using Nintex Forms?