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Select users from a list based on a form selection

Question asked by jimmyt_32 on Jan 9, 2015
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I hope someone can help with what seems to be a simple issue (and most likely is, but I cannot see it)


I have 2 lists.

The first is an approver list with 2 columns (Approver (Person or Group selection) and Service (Freetext).

The second is a main list with a Nintex form front end.


One of the fields in the nintex form is called "Affected Service" this field contains a checkbox selection with each service as a selectable option (there are 6 options).


Once the form is completed and saved the workflow is started and depending on what service is selected the related approver should receive an email (One single email or for each individually it is fine either way) to approve the request.

After all emails are approved then the workflow is completed.


I have used the instruction is "Choosing a dynamic number of Approvers - Nintex Workflow" but this just emails all the people in the approver list it is not dynamically selecting the approver linked to chosen services.


I have also tried to find the issue in the forums although there is a lot of useful information I cannot seem to find the exact issue.


Does someone have the answer (or pointers)