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Hiding Nintex Workflow 2013 and Forms 2013 from site and web features

Question asked by jack on Jan 9, 2015
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What would be the supported way for hiding Nintex Workflow 2013 and Forms 2013 Features from the site and web features from the user interface?

The reason is we would like to offer Nintex only for a couple of sites in the web application and the activation should be done manually via Powershell based on request.


One option came to my mind is editing feature XMLs to hide the features, but in which feature folders exactly and what is the activation process with powershell, Which features in which order?


Does anybody have a script already written? I'm not interested in the activation with stsadm and the articles written for Nintex 2007 and Nintex 2010 as there are old outdated. We use Nintex 2013 and there might be new features or different ones and the activation order would be also important.