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Query BCS, what is "entity"

Question asked by amccollough on Jan 2, 2015
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I got a co-worker trying to make use of the "Query BCS" action. On the configuration form, we are making use of stored credentials, no problem there. The Application Name and Instance Name are pre-populated with External Content Type; again, no problem there.


The problem is the next field, Entity Name. What is this? The online help was useless, as it simply says to "Enter the entity". Nowhere, however, is "Entity" defined, nor is an example ever given. I have tried any field name I could cobble together by looking at the External Content Type definition over in SharePoint Designer. Regardless of what I've tried, the result ends up "The execution returned an unexpected error. The given key was not present in the dictionary."


So what exactly is Entity Name rererring to when configuring the Query BCS action?

Fwiw, this is NW2010.