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terminate workflow when item deleted

Question asked by amccollough on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by sonyab

I have a document library with a NW2010 workflow, which is used to get a handful of people to review the document. The problem I have is, if a document is deleted, the workflow bound to that document persists, and eventually ( a few days later) the user receives a "Workflow errored" email. Tracking down the coorelation via ULS Viewer shows me the error is indeed Nintex Workflow complaining the underlying item has been deleted.


There is legitimate reason for documents in this library being deleted, and for the user, a "Workflow Errored" message is proving to be a source of grief.


How can I gracefully handle this? In a perfect world, the worlflow would terminate and not throw an error. I believe I can disable error messages to the initiator, but the problem is, doing that would prevent the users from seeing other workflow error messages as well.