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Calculated Value - Formatting Options

Question asked by jkbishop8 on Dec 29, 2014
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Hey All! First, I hope I put this in the correct place and my apologies in advance if I didn't quite reach the correct "Place"!


I would like to know if there is a way to format the Calculated Value controls output. I'm absolutely excited that it can recognize which checkboxes are checked and output that into a different field but I need something a bit more readable. Here are the rules I must abide by and hope that it'll paint a picture of the challenge that I accepted:


-Only use out-of-box Nintex tools/controls, no customizations, no scripts, no java.

-Simple backgrounds that clearly state what the form is.

-Make it work the way it did in InfoPath.

-Design it differently then what it was before in InfoPath

-Add role based permissions (25 roles in all) unless it makes it too big and hard to navigate.

-Make it smaller than what it was in InfoPath so it can be managed easier in the future.


I've been able to do some amazing things that I didn't think were possible but this Calculated Value thing that I found has stumped me on how to make it output checkboxes into another field in a pretty way. I've attempted different available non-custom CSS options but they only seem to add borders and such, no blank space breaks, no wrap arounds.


Please see screenshots to get a visual and please let me know if you have any questions that would help define more about what I'm trying to achieve given the resrictions. This one below is the start and will only be transferring over my name and the Permissions checkboxes:.SubmitPage.PNG


This one is what it outputs. The rationale behind this is to support a workflow that divides tasks to 5 different people at the same time and links to where they need to go in order to approve as well as provide the requested access. As you can see my software string does work but can be hard to read (and not just because of the censorship!):