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Convert document to PDF

Question asked by chasm on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by chasm

Hi all,


I have the document library (DocxLibrary) with template to use as the basis for all new files. It contains several (up to 10) docx files. My workflow iterates the file names collection and convert each file to the pdf format using the "Convert Document" action with the next settings:


Source URL * = Web URL/DocxLibrary/FileName.docx

File type = PDF (.pdf)

Output URL * = Web URL/PdfLibrary/FileName.docx

Overwrite existing item = Overwrite

The problem is that if InputCollection contains for example 10 files my workflow will work during the Random(0..15)+9*15 = 135..150 minutes. Looks like it depends from the timer job.

The MSDN topic ( describes new on demand file conversion feature.


What I should make to use this feature in my workflow to increase it speed as I hope to several seconds?