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Moving databases to new farm - getting workflow history discrepancies

Question asked by andrewvr on Dec 15, 2014
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I have consolidated 2 SharePoint farms into one, taking a small divisional farm (actually just a single site collection) into the central farm.  The division made a lot of use of Nintex (workflow and forms) and so I had to move both the SharePoint Content database and the Nintex Content database.


In the process I also moved the site collection from being in its own web application to being off a managed path,


My problem is that there are 2 ways to see workflow history - and they show different data.


If I use this link (/_layouts/15/Workflow.aspx?ID=480&List=6d104bd8-fdb9-4d4b-b11f-9cca1b292a35), then I see the workflow history.


If I use this link (/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/ItemWorkflows.aspx?ListId={6d104bd8-fdb9-4d4b-b11f-9cca1b292a35}&ItemId=480), then I see nothing.


It might be that there is nothing to worry about, but I don't like the idea of being surprised by some issue after I have decommissioned the old system.


Has anyone come across this before?  Does this indicate a problem within my system?  Can it be fixed?


(I am running Nintex 2013 on SharePoint SP1,CU 11.2014, on Windows Server 2012 R2)