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Office 365 Send Document Set to Repository

Question asked by rechols on Dec 11, 2014
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I'm trying to leverage Office 365 Send Document Set to Repository action to move a document set when a custom field, Project Status, is modified to "Archived".  To configure the action is not so intuitive; however, I've managed to get it setup and  execute  but nothing happens. The goal is to automatically move the doc set from one library to another in the same site collection.


Provided Destination Site URL: <current site>

List Name: <source library where document sets are located>

Items to Send to Repository: <>  Search the item when property<Project Status> Equal to <Archived>

Action: <Move>

SharePoint Online URL: <tenant domain>

Username: <admin>

Password: <adminpassword>

Send to Repository Status: <Create a variable>


I put a Log in History item to capture returned values <Repository Status Variable>.


  • Content Organizer feature is activated on the current site.
  • Content Organizer Rule established based on the content type and status column.
  • Even Send To Connection has been setup for Records Management pointing to the Drop Off Library in the site noted above.


After executing the workflow, Status: "Unable to send <Document> to repository because target destination could not be found." Doc Set URL: ""

Am I missing something here? Any help is greatly appreciated.