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FlexiTask outcome value (Decision) changes

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2014
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I ran into a problem setting the outcome value (Field Decision) in a Flexi Task Nintex Form. In my example I have a simple FlexiTask with two Outcomes:



Reject, cause of


To make it easier for the User I set the outcome value to a button on my form (as i found here ). I found out that the value of the field Decision is set to the following:


Approved => 1

Reject, cause of => 2


So my buttons got these values assigned to the Decision field. As far as goot everything worked fine.


I now moved my Workflow including the FlexiTask form from my dev environment to the Integration (Export/Import). Doing this exchanges the outcome values for some reason to:


Approved => 2

Reject, cause of => 1


You can imagine this is a real mess...


Does anyone have a solution on this?