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Blank forms after upgrade to Nintex Forms 2010 version

Question asked by tetrapakarabia on Dec 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by joeybloom

Hello Community,

We are facing an issue after upgrading to Nintex Forms 2010 (version English edition )

Most of the existing Nintex forms are displaying blank forms. The form controls are not visible. All three New , Edit and view forms are blank.

  • For testing , I tried resetting couple of Nintex forms but still the forms appear blank.
  • I also tried to import a backup of the forms that was taken before the upgrade but the blank form issue persists.
  • If I right click the form and click on “View Source” , I see the HTML tags for the form controls  . But the displayed form  is blank.
  • I created a new list and created Nintex forms for the list. These are displayed OK.


All these forms were working fine before the upgrade.


Appreciate any help