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MailChimp Create Campaign - HTML Content in email sent not displayed

Question asked by coster on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by eharris04

Hi, I want to send a campaign from my Nintex workflow. I've done that successfully. Email is sent and received but the HTML Content that I enter in the workflow action is not displayed on the email.


I cannot get to show the content of the field ‘HTML Content’ of the action called “MailChimp Create Campaign” in the email.


So my problem is that even if I enter some text in the HTML Content field (as in the screenshot attached) then this text is NOT displayed on the email.

There is probably something to do with *|MergeTags|* but I cannot understand the TAG I need to use in the email template.


Thanks in advance for your help !

PS: I'm on Office 365 Worfklows