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Nintex Forms Web Part in Web Part Page -

Question asked by danielgorman on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2017 by tomtim

I have designed a Nintex form to capture information in two stages from users to write to a list.

First stage is initial creation of a record (list item), this is then passed via workflow to an Investigator who will update the second part of the record. (These two sections are contained in 2 separate panels that are hidden with rules to ensure the correct info is shown at each stage)


I wish to embed this Nintex Form in a Web Part page using the Nintex Form list form wb part. This works fine for a New item, however when I have created an Edit page and set the Nintex Form to Edit mode it requires the Item number to Edit. It specifies that this must be a number. I understand the need for a reference to an item ID , however I wish to use this Edit Page to Edit any item in the list. The Form Settings appear to only allow a Form in a web part page to edit one specific item.


With other Web Parts i can reference a parameter from the URL or take a connection from another web part on the page but Nintex Form web part does not seem to allow this.


I want to avoid the default editform.aspx or displayform.aspx pages as they do not render the forms as they have been styled in the form designer - I also with to avoid use of Dialogs to show the forms as i can not control their display properties/size etc in teh same way i can when embedded.

Embedding them in a Web Part page also allows me to place other content on the same page.


Any ideas?





(PS I'm using Sharepoint 20, Nintex Forms and workflow 2010, Windows 7 and IE9)