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Need to create a workflow with serial approvals

Question asked by sv86 on Jan 13, 2019

New to Nintex workflows-

Looking to create a workflow with few fields auto-filled from the User Profile Service application when a new form is opened. After which need a calculation which has to go 4 times in one month:

Formulae used during the 4 cycles would be:

1) RH=TPH-UPH   ------- time1

(2) RH=TPH- time1----------time2

(3) RH=TPH- time2-----------time3

(4) RH=TPH- time3---------time4


On Submitting the form, the user signature(username) will be inserted followed by 2 serial approvals from the staff leads which will lastly be recorded in the HR database.


List fields will have Name, designation, job title, etc that need to be autofilled, workflow should trigger when the form is submitted sending out notifications to their staff leads.


Can someone guide with steps?


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