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Additional action when a task is delegated

Question asked by stavros on Jan 11, 2019
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Hi everybody


I have a workflow which uses the Request data action to send a task to certain users. This task asks them to fill in a PO number. When the task isn't completed in 12 days, the task is delegated to their manager.

However, in the list on which this workflow runs, I also have a column Current actor to identify which person currently holds the active task. This is because this flow contains many more tasks that are set to different users. I use this column to create personalised views for all users where they can see the records for which they have pending tasks.

So when the task is delegated, the column Current actor needs to be updated to the manager as well. Otherwise, both the user and the manager will not see the correct records.


So my question is if there is a way to catch when a task is delegated so I can perform an additional action to update the Current actor column? I've thought about running a parallel action with a timer that starts with the task, but this doesn't feel like the best solution.