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Nintex Forms - 2 date fields auto update month?

Question asked by loftus on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by emha

Hi, I am using Nintex 365 forms, SharePoint online, responsive form wanting to achieve the following with my leave form I have built.


1. I have two date picker fields from a SP List  (LeaveStart) & (leaveEnd) which are set to date only

2. I would like to the user in the nintex form to select there start date (LeaveStart) and have the end date "Month" (leaveEnd) auto update to the same month as the start date. This is to assist the users so that they cannot select a end date that is before the start date.


I have seen this work on most airline booking sites where you cannot select your end to be before the start date which makes perfect sense, just dont know how to go about this in Nintex Forms (Office 365)