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"Run as workflow owner" created by user who has left?

Question asked by joshpaynesays on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by chaddavis

During testing of a timesheet system we have created within an On-prem SharePoint site (workflow and handovers powered by Nintex WF & Nintex Forms) I had to act as though I was a standard users, so I removed my Full Control permissions in exchange for Contribute (don't panic, a colleague still retained his and could reverse this after the test).


This lead to a few workflows I designed failing. I then had a though, perhaps I should set the WKs to

Run as workflow owner

Checking this option will cause this action, and any child actions, to run using the credentials of the user who published the workflow instead of the user who started the workflow. "



; however I had a though.


My major questions are:


1) What would happen if I left the business?

2) What would happen to all the workflows I have designed (would they all fail, as I assume my IT department would deactivate my account via Active directory)?

3) What is the best practice for ensuring workflows run without depending on the credentials of any one user?