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Mobile Form strips out Attachments in Repeating Sections?

Question asked by agrendus on Jan 3, 2019
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I have a form with mobile form with attachments in a repeating section.  When I submit, the attachments are intermittently removed from the form, while the rest of the data in the repeating section is saved.  That is to say, if I view the sent item in the mobile app, it clearly shows the attachment, however when I view the submitted form in my browser, the attachment field is blank.


So when it should look like this:



It looks like this instead:



When I submit via the browser version of the form, everything works perfectly. I have also set up a Log to History action at the very start of my workflow and found that the attachment is already gone prior to any potential workflow interference. 

Has anyone else experienced this before?  Any ideas as to what could cause this behaviour?


I am in SharePoint 2013, using Nintex Mobile 7.1 on iOS 12.1.2.


Thanks so much!