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Allow user to select images with DocGen

Question asked by alongcot on Jan 3, 2019

I'm a Nintex novice and completely new to the DocGen action.  I'm hoping for suggestions on how to provide users the means to dynamically insert images from their local hard drive into the file output by DocGen.  Generally, I'm trying to facilitate an inspector selecting pictures he/she took in the field, to then be combined with one or more Word document templates into a letter that will be printed and sent to a property owner.  As far as I can tell, the OOB DocGen action only allows me to hard-code images.  Can placeholders be inserted via the Images tab, into which the user-selected images can be submitted as parameters?  How might one include, on a library's new document form, a field to select attachments (I've seen references to an "attachment" field in Nintex Forms, but it doesn't appear in my copy).  Alternatively, If the images were uploaded to a document set, could I use other actions to query all images inside the document set and pass them to DocGen?


I'm working in SP2013 on prem, without SalesForce.  Anyone's experience in creating a similar workflow, or links to articles that could be combined to achieve the desired results, would be greatly appreciated.