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2 Submit buttons in a form,

Question asked by hema2930 on Jan 2, 2019
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Hi all,


I have 3 buttons in a form, one save button and other 2 are save and submit buttons. save will be saving the data to list without any validations.

i am facing issue while submitting the data. My scenarios are as explained below.

1. When they click on submitggg button only ggg Text filed filed should be mandatory.

2. When they click on submitnnn button only nnn Text filed filed should be mandatory.

So i have written 2 rules validating both.

For submitggg button--  isNullOrEmpty(Ggg)

For submitnnn button --  isNullOrEmpty(nnn)


But now whichever the submit button i click both the validations are triggering. How to avoid this situation?