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Why is "Modified by" always the initiators

Question asked by bimi82 on Jan 4, 2019
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This is more a curious question which I always noticed but don't know the answer or have an explanation to.
Whenever an item is created the created by [is the User's name] which is normal BUT when for example an approval workflow is complete, the Modified by is always the user's name as the last person to edit the item.

Although the user does not edit or modify it.
Of course they click the Submit button which then initiates the workflow process etc.


Is this normal??

I guess it is because the workflow is initiated by the user and therefore the user is always the "modified by" although the approval has been approved by a manager and the process is complete.


Furthermore, it can be confusing because it gives the impression as if the initiator has actually made some changes to the item. Although, you can use the Version History to keep track of what's been changed and by whom.

Exactly! All the changes are "Modified by... the initiator's name" even when it's approved by myself for example.