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Help needed: Reminder Worflow to send one email

Question asked by bimi82 on Dec 17, 2018
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I followed Cassy's workflow instructions here which works in theory but is not fit for my current requirement and need your help / advise.


Current Requirement:


- Send one email notification with all the relevant information (instead of individual).

- Only send out the email notification when one of the predefined dates is <= (less or equal to) Current Date



1) Query List

This checks the List and filters 


LeaseReminder is less than or equal to Current Date

MOTReminder is less than or equal to Current Date


ServiceReminder is less than or equal to Current Date




2) For Each

Note: the lid_ stands for : List Item ID



Inside the For Each, there is a Query List action.






Why does the For Each auction send an email out even though the filter does not meet the requirement?
In this case, non of the reminder dates is less than current date!


How to implement so it sends one email notification with the relevant information?





I have uploaded my current workflow.