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Advice Please - Creating a Task List that is Updated

Question asked by hejones50 on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by hejones50

I have a requirement to automate a task list we have within SharePoint. Currently, I have a simple task last which are assigned to individuals. It includes a 'Task Status' column with 'Assigned', 'In-Progress' and 'Completed' options.


I want to set up the workflow so assignees receive an email once it is created and then with two links one which updates the 'Task Status' to 'In- Progress' and another link to 'Completed'.


Sometimes the users will fully complete the task straight away and mark it as 'Completed' and other times they will mark it as 'In-Progress' and then 'Completed'.


I'm trying to do the workflow so it means that the users get an email with their task and two links. One to 'Complete' the task and one to mark it as 'In-Progress'.


This bit seems fairly straightforward and there are multiple ways to do this, however I don't want it that if they mark it as 'In-Progress' for them to get another email to now mark it as Completed. Ideally I'd like the two options in the same email.


Is there anyway to do this? I.e they get one email with two links which takes them to different parts of the workflow etc.


I appreciate I can just ask the assignees to edit them item, but the requester has asked to make it as simple as possible for them but just including links.


Thanks in advanced!