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Help Updating List if Profile Entry is Blank

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2018

Hello! Just started working with Nintex and I'm trying to have it populate fields in a list with data from user profile, which I believe is being sync'd from AD. It's a list of people who are in authority at any given time. So it looks like this:

Person | Position | Dept | Email | Location | Office | Mobile


Those with permissions to edit the list simply delete the person, and change it to who it needs to be. My Nintex Workflow does the rest of the work on edit. 

Configure Action - Update Field
Update: Current Item
Mobile - Equals List Lookup
Source: Current Item
Field: Contact


So basically, it's looking up the "Person" field (which is a people picker) and sees PersonB, then the workflow looks at PersonB's mobile and updates the mobile field with whatever it is from the people profile.


It's been working great...unless the person a list item is updated to has an empty variable in their profile. So if personB has a profile but no mobile number, this is what i get for the data in the list: 

,#i:0#.w|domain\person.b,,#,#B, Person#


How can I have a workflow poll a person's profile to see "is blank?" for "FIELD" and if isblank update value in list to "(000) 000-0000" else update value in list to "PersonB Provile Mobile value"