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How to create a *.csv file (with more than one line) via workflow?

Question asked by mai-kel on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by mai-kel

Hi all,


I want to create a *.csv file with NINTEX (build string). The creation of the file is no problem (I am using the send mail action for that, sending the content to a sharepoint folder). Also "a one line" input is no problem,


BUT I need several lines to be created AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM. I am able to use any kind of separator in order to fill-out different columns, but how do I separate different LINES? I found "\n" but that is not working.


My string is looking something like this currently:


YES;YES;NO;1;2; \n YES;NO;NO;3;4; \n YES;YES;NO;5;6; 


At the end of the day my csv should look like this: