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Flexitask errors after user responded. Unauthorized attempt to update workflow task by [username]

Question asked by marekan on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by emha


we have parallel flexi tasks in our workflow. 5 in total in Run parallel actions.


Our issue is that sometimes the workflow fails after the flexi task has been responded to by the assignee.


The error message is


Error in task. Unauthorized attempt to update workflow task by [username]. The response has not been recorded.


It is not a permission issue, same user has responded to many wf tasks before without problems.


I have been in touch with Nintex support able this but apart from finding out some unhandled batched actions (which I then handled by adding commit pending changes actions where appropriate) and suggestion of adding pause for 5 minutes before and after the Run parallel actions with those flexi tasks (which I also added), we have not really been able to find the proper solution for this.


Anyone faced this before? Have you managed to find the solution for this?


Many thanx for any help here


Jan Marek