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Convert string to person type

Question asked by rigonzalez on Dec 12, 2018
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I have a SharePoint document library with a field named "Owner" (single line of text). I want to query the value from that field into a Nintex worfkflow, convert it (somehow) to a Person type value and return it to SharePoint as a valid person name into a new person type column named "newOwner". I tried calling a web service control but it's not being able to make the conversion, or at least I can't find the option there. Does anyone have an idea of how this could be done?


If I do a simple update item using the value from the Owner field, I get an error saying the input type is incorrect (text value to person type column). I thought SharePoint would simply read the text value and make the conversion like when using the people picker, but that was not the case.


Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.