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List Lookup Control Issues

Question asked by cjones69 on Dec 12, 2018

I am experiencing some odd issues with the List Lookup control in Nintex Forms.


It appears that if you create a new form for a list that utilizes a single line of text field to store List Lookup values, the List Lookup Control does not display the current value stored in the field. Is this expected behavior?


It also appears that if a workflow changes the value in a single line of text field that was previously set by a List Lookup Control in a Nintex Form, the value does not change in the List Lookup Control. It retains the original value set in the form until you open the form and save it. Is this also expected behavior? It doesn't seem as if it should be. I was able to do this without issue when using InfoPath forms. Not sure why there is so much trouble in the Nintex Forms.