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How to use managed metadata as a condition?

Question asked by mike_m on Dec 14, 2018



I'm trying to build a email workflow which sends out alerts to a set number of users when a specific field (shopgroup) of a document in a library is changed. 

That field is populated by managed metadata. I have like 5 values to choose from.


When I edit the "shopgroup" value for the document to lets say value X, I want user group A notified via email

When I edit the "shopgroup" value for the document to value Y, I want user group B notified via email.

I think you can see where I'm going with this....


I tried using the "Switch" workflow action and entered the possible values you can choose from the "shopgroup" field. 

Unfortunately no email is getting send when I edit the value in "shopgroup". 


Does somebody have experience with using managed metadata in workflows?