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Workflow fails on DocuSign Send Document

Question asked by nimmy on Dec 9, 2018

Hi there,


I've searched for the error message, but to no avail.


What I'm trying to do is to create a document with Document Generation and then send the document with DocuSign.

I have a trial set up for DocuSign, and the authorizing user is the account-holder.


This error does not let the workflow send the document for signing:

An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the workflow instance. Exception details: System.InvalidOperationException: Activity 'Subscribe to wake up event' is trying to subscribe an already initialized subscription handle. Subscription handles can only be initialized with a single subscription.


Verified that Document Generation works


When task is approved, the document is generated and put in Sharepoint Online, an Email is sent to me to confirm this, and DocuSign is supposed to do some magic.


DocGen and DocuSign in detail:


DocuSign - What am I missing?



Hopefully someone can help me, I can't really see where another subscribe is triggering, but it's the first time I'm trying DocuSign.