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Create & Update Text Document with Workflow

Question asked by chaddavis on Dec 7, 2018

I have a Content Editor Web Part that I'd like to have some HTML code in. I plan on using the web part's Content Link field to link to a text file with my code. However, that HTML will need to be dynamically updated. Specifically, an ID number in the code will need to be updated from a list field. 


Does anyone know of a way, presumably with a Nintex Workflow, to update or create/overwrite a text file in a SharePoint library? I plan to store the text file in SiteAssets.


Also, just so you have the big picture, this process is going to be in a site template, which means it will be used in numerous different sites after they're created from the template. The HTML code is an iFrame that points to a mapping site, and the iFrame URL has a query string parameter. That parameter will be different for each site, but it will be in a dedicated list column, which is where I'd like to pull it from.