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Working with Convert Value in SharePoint List

Question asked by jmh on Dec 7, 2018

I am a SharePoint Designer/Administrator and I am really new to creating Workflows and using Nintex. I am working my way through the Nintex training and I am stuck. The project rental application in the Nintex for SharePoint Training requests that my solution must do the following:

  • Solution must change the selected floor choice from a string to a number value


In the Rental Agreement project there is a field on the form where the user selects either Floor 1, Floor 2 or Floor 3. I am supposed to convert those responses to be number 1, 2 or 3 using configure action. Despite watching about 3 videos and reading what I can find I am coming up blank on how to make a choice option field with multiple choices become a number based off what is submitted by the user.


Convert Value gives input screen which I understand is the value to be interpreted but when I just put in the FloorNumber from the Insert Properties, Item Contents it failed.


The error is: Error parsing value. Value 'Floor 3' is not compatible with the selected output variable type Number (double).


I hope that there is someone that can give me some input on how to use Convert Value in this manner.


Any input here would be greatly appreciated.