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List lookup to compare to field in Nintex form

Question asked by wrightti on Nov 29, 2018

Hello Nintex community,


I am trying to validate a form on the click of the save button, that will determine if a field in the form exists inside a column from another list.


Here is my rule: not(isNullOrEmpty(lookup("_form237", "EquipmentID", CentrifugeID, "ID")))

  • EquipmentID is the column field inside the other list(_form237).
  • CentrifugeID is a field used on the form that I'd like to check exists inside _forms237 list at column EquipmentID.
  • ID is being used because all values have an ID column.

Am I going about this incorrectly?

Is it possible to check if a form text value is present inside of a column in another list?


Thanks for any help offered!