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Setup an automated workflow to create a folder, then move specific list items into that new folder. 

Question asked by brianknight on Nov 30, 2018

Ok, we have a requisition form that creates several entries in a year.  The list definitely hits the 5000 view quickly.  We'd like to have an automated workflow that runs at specific times of the year (could be once).  We will need it to create a folder and name it the previous year and copy all the list items created in that year to the new folder.  Now, I've figured out with the Create Item action how to create the folder.  What I'm struggling with is how to identify all the list items created in the a specific year and move them into this new folder.  I pre-staged the list items with a column and formatted it to have the current year.  How can I now move all the items created in say 2018 into the folder named 2018?  I'm guessing it is a combination of copy item and delete items.  I do not see a move item option.  Any ideas out there?