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I need to create item in two lists using one form.

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by chris.ben

I need to create items in two lists using one nintex form. i have one list related to orders and and other related to items in orders i want to create an order i.e. using nintex forms with repeating controls for order items which needs to go in separate table. As i have checked online that out of box its not possible but we can use javascript on submit button of order to enter items in order item list.

i am new to nintex forms can someone help me with sample code/other resources to pick data from repeating control and create item in other list? i am good with jsom but not sure what is the difference in plain  javascript and the one is written in nintex( "NWF" and other string are appended).i also have thought of saving order items as repeating control(xml format) and then workflow to get the plain text but in that case items will be created using workflow which we are not keen for.

we have these two tables as we want to execute our approval workflow on order not individual items and items need to be in separate list so backend team can procure them.

Thanks for advance:)