Passing collection back to workflow

Discussion created by melmes on Nov 27, 2018

Help, I am missing something basic here trying to pass anything but string type as output.



public static DependencyProperty SignersCollectionProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("SignersCollection", typeof(ArrayList), typeof(GetSignaturesActivity));

public ArrayList SignersCollection{
get { return (ArrayList)base.GetValue(GetSignaturesActivity.SignersCollectionProperty); }
set { base.SetValue(SignersCollectionProperty, value); }


Publishing throws error:

soap:ServerServer was unable to process request.  --> Failed to publish workflow: ...

Error CompilerError

"Activity getSignaturesActivity1' validation failed: Property 'SignersCollection' has an invalid type. Field type 'System.String' does not match with the expected type 'System.Collections.ArrayList'."